A Movie and a Few Lives

My little brother as a mini-Maverick. Dork!

My little brother as a mini-Maverick. Dork!

{Disclaimer: I have really bad motion sickness. I’ve gotten sick DRIVING a car before. It’s ridiculous. Knowing this about me is crucial to the rest of this story.}

I watched Top Gun the other night for the first time in MANY years. The minute the opening sequence came on, a huge smile spread across my face because of all of the memories that movie brings back to me.

The first time I watched it was with my parents and my little sister. The minute the sex scene came on we were banned from the room. I remember my dad pausing the VCR and my mom saying, “Ladies, time to go.” I also remember feeling a bit relieved, honestly.  I was probably 11 or 12 and my sister was eight or nine. The fact that, soon after, my four year-old brother was allowed to watch that movie with impunity really irritated me. He had no clue what was going on during that scene, but I’m pretty sure it has contributed to him being a pervert.

Logan watched that movie almost daily for a good year or more and then off and on for years after that. Sometimes he’d watch it on repeat. I’m guessing he’s seen it several hundred times. He couldn’t get enough. He would wear this little bomber jacket and cowboy boots to be like Maverick. I’m fairly certain this movie started his love of flying and led him down the path he’s on today.

That movie, once my parents relented and we were allowed to watch it (ad nauseum) with Logan, led me on my own path also. Top Gun made me want to be a fighter pilot.

I was pretty serious about it for a while, even looking into the requirements to get into The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. I studied up on fighter jets and had them plastered all over my cubby at school. Gifts for a few years were sweatshirts from the Academy and the like. I was dead serious. Other girls wanted to be teachers and actresses while I wanted to fly really fast and blow things up. Explains a lot, huh?

I also remember my family being supportive, despite my disclaimer above. God bless them for that! But then, I don’t remember how it happened, it dawned on me that I could never be a fighter pilot. I can barely take my eyes off the road as a passenger and not get nauseous. The only times I’ve been on a plane and not vomited I was so hopped up on Dramamine that my head felt like a balloon hovering over my body, barely tethered by a string. Me, a fighter pilot? Ha!

It’s funny how influential things can be in our lives and how quickly our minds can be flooded with memories.

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