One Trick Pony

So, there’s this guy who’s always at The Grizzly Rose when I’m there and I’ve started referring to him as the One Trick Pony.

He’s easily in his 50’s and only dances with the youngest girls he can find. This doesn’t bother me because I’m jealous or anything. It bothers me because lewd old men hitting on girls who are barely legal makes me ill. I swear, if I ever find out he’s doing more than dancing with them I’m going to kneecap him in the parking lot.

There are three specific girls he rotates amongst on a Thursday night, which is ladies night and 18 and up night. He only does the triple-step and I can tell you exactly what turn he’s going to lead and when because he’s a…One Trick Pony.

The girls he dances with, well, I think they all need a hug and a good kick in the ass. I watched them come through the door the other night wearing attire their parents would be okay with them leaving the house in only to run to the bathroom and change into shorts so small they’re basically underwear and tops so small they’re basically bras. Essentially, attire that would force me to tackle my daughter to the ground and kick her butt if I found out she was pulling this maneuver.

The minute they walk in, the One Trick Pony has his eye on the bathroom just waiting for them to exit. He tries to be non-nonchalant, but he’s so overt that those of us who’ve picked up on this can’t help but laugh. Once these girls are done making their transformation from slightly trashy, but not almost naked, to full-on hoochies, they walk out and take turns getting spun around in the same predictable pattern over and over. The only benefit to them that I can see is that the One Trick Pony is so good at his one trick that he showcases them really well, which is what a good lead should do for their partner.

Recently, the girls have started dancing with this young guy who’s REALLY good. He used to come in with his cute little girlfriend and they’d tear it up for hours. He’s a total babe, an amazing dancer, and one of the most polite, social young men I’ve ever met. I’m getting the impression that he and his cute little girlfriend are done, which is a bummer because it kills me to see him dancing with these trashy girls. I just want to shout, “Hey, where’s your cute little girlfriend? Leave these girls alone – you’re too good for them!” But, at the same time, the look of sadness on the One Trick Pony’s face is pretty awesome. He looks lost, confused, and so pathetic as he stands there song after song with no girls to dance with. He just can’t seem to lower himself to dancing with women more age appropriate or less trashy. Poor, poor One Trick Pony.

However, as far as the girls are concerned, I’m happy to see them dancing with someone their own age. Maybe this awesome young man can help them find a little self-worth and some more clothing.

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  1. Sally Lewien

     /  May 4, 2013

    Nice I love it!


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