Happiness Defined

I was recently asked to list some things that make me happy. I felt some odd need to find things that seemed so profound and deep that I was stumped. Once the other person started to answer, I realized it’s the simple things that matter:

  • The sound of cleats on cement
  • Southern accents
  • Lingering in a hot bath or shower
  • Those little teeth dogs have in the front of their mouths
  • Snuggling
  • The smell of the steam coming out of a drier as clothes spin inside
  • Campfire – watching it, smelling it, listening to it
  • The sound of rain on a tent fly
  • The bizarre, insightful things my nephew says
  • Making reserved and quiet people laugh and smile with abandon
  • Brushing my teeth (especially with my Sonicare)
  • The way my dad looks when he’s holding a baby
  • Watering my plants
  • Sharing a bizarre sense of humor with my brother
  • The way my mom pats my back when she hugs me
  • They goofy way my sister, brother, and I say “huuuullllo” to each other (mom does it too, dad likely thinks we’re insane)
  • The smell of fire on a cold, fall day
  • Well lit Christmas trees
  • Chocolate almond milk
  • Flipping on the radio in time to hear a favorite song start
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