An Epic Night

So, I went to see the Zac Brown Band (ZBB) the other night at Red Rocks. It was an epic night that involved more people in my life than were there with me.

My little brother’s friend Sam helped me get tickets. You see, the ZBB sold out two shows in about 20 minutes (or something crazy like that). So they added a third show, which sold out in a matter of minutes as well. The fact that I was even able to get tickets was astounding. The concert was AMAZING! If you ever have the chance to see these guys, DO IT! It’s possible they’re better live than recorded. The fiddle player is astonishing and it’s clear that the band is made up of supreme musicians. It was an unreal show. (Gush, gush, gush.)

I took my good friend Sally for her birthday. Sally is like a sister to me. She’s definitely one of those people you bring into your life who turns out to be more like family than some of your actual family. I knew she and I would have a blast!

As we headed out of town, it was raining hard. Or as Sally puts it (in her hilarious English accent that receives my harassment on a regular basis), “pissing it down”. We were a bit annoyed, but knew we would make the best of it regardless. When we arrived the rain stopped and didn’t start again until the concert was over. Thank you, Mother Nature!

We managed to meet up with Sam and his wife, Gleisy, to watch the majority of the show. I’ve known Sam since he was 13 years old. He, my little brother, and my sister-in-law have been friends since middle school. Yes, Logan and his wife, Nicki, have known each other since they were 13. So cute you could gag, right? Anyway, Sam is like family and I just adore him and his wife. Whenever I spend time with them, I feel the presence of my little brother so clearly. It’s like I’m his proxy or something. You pair that with the fact that I brought along a blanket Logan bought for a plane ride back from Iraq one time, and it’s like he was there in spirit. I couldn’t help but think about him and how much fun he would have had with us.

And then when ZBB inserted Into the Mystic by Cat Stevens as the bridge in one of their songs all of a sudden it was 1994 and my mom, sister, and I are back in Mallory’s room dancing and singing together. So they were there with me, too. Tears actually welled-up in my eyes remembering the moments we had like this many years ago.

Of course, several other songs reminded me of other people and other times in my life, and so all of those people and events were brought along with the swell of the music.

We were in the 35th row smack dab in the middle. The view was amazing. Red Rocks is like no other venue anywhere. Most artists who’ve played there say it’s their favorite place to play. During America the Beautiful I paused to take it all in – the red rocks soaring above us on either side, the amphitheater below, the lights of the front-range twinkling behind the band, the smell of rain and spring all around us, the light show catching the mist that hung in the air swirling about. Seriously, put seeing one of your favorite bands at this venue on your bucket list.

The point that I’m trying to make is how aware I was that music is such a powerful force and such a combined experience. There I was, with thousands of other people (most of them strangers), and we were having a shared experience – swaying to the same beat, singing the same lyrics, feeling the same rush through our bodies. It was like a spiritual experience.

I think I need to go to more concerts…

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  1. mkesling63

     /  May 10, 2013

    Glad you had a good time. I like concerts too. I have never heard of this band but I like Cat STevens. Tea for the Tillerman was a great album.

  2. I’ll have to check out that album! Thanks!


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