Sounds of Summer

Sometimes I struggle with what to write about on here. Sometimes I struggle with motivation to write at all. Sometimes I keep things to myself that I’m sure you all would love to know about (voyeurs that we all are). Sometimes I feel like I say too much.

I’ve been feeling particularly stumped and unmotivated lately so I went seeking for some ideas on things to write about and came upon this idea: Describe your favorite sound.

I’m changing it to soundssss…

1.  At the age of eight I decided I wanted to start playing softball. My mom was shocked when I brought the sign-up form home from school considering I’d never shown any interest in sports. Somehow I knew that getting involved with softball would mean more time with my dad (a baseball nut) and I was craving that time. So, from the age of eight to 15, summer to me meant softball as my life was consumed by it from April through September. Then I helped my dad coach little league for my little brother for a few years after I hung up my cleats. The sounds associated with softball/baseball are some of my most favorites. The click, click, click of cleats on cement, the pop of a ball snapping into a glove, the crack of a ball rocketing off of a bat, the chatter from the dugout and the field – I love all of it.

2.  Once I stopped playing softball I decided I wanted to take up lacrosse because I wanted to check people. I’d had a taste of what a contact sport must feel like during some particularly feisty softball games and I wanted more. Then I found out you can’t check in girl’s lacrosse (lame) so I decided if I must take-up a pacifist sport it should be one I could play for the rest of my life. Coming from a family of golfers, it was the logical choice.

From 16 to 20 I worked at a golf course during the summer. It was pretty much the best summer job ever. Well, except for having to be to work at 6 a.m., which is like torture to a teenager, especially on junior golf days when we had to shepherd little kids all around the course teaching them etiquette and so on. That aside, some of my favorite sounds, just slightly different, were there as well as some new ones – the same click, click, click of cleats on cement, the slide and thud as you place a club back in your bag, a slightly different crack as the ball shot off of the face of the club, a satisfying plunk when the ball hit the green, the chatter now more of a whisper but present nonetheless.

All of these sounds mean summer to me and all of them bring back great memories. What are some of your favorite sounds?

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