The Bar Method & My Knees

It’s spring (damn near summer on some of these hotter days we’ve had) and my knees don’t hurt! Thank you Bar Method!

(That sounded like a crappy, campy commercial didn’t it?)

Let me explain…

For the past four years my knees hurt for at least a couple of months during spring and the start of summer. I finally surmised that it had to do with a drastic change in footwear. See I wear, almost exclusively, cowboy boots all fall and winter. Then spring rolls around and I break out the flats, sandals, wedges, etc. (basically, I’m a lot cuter in the spring and summer) and my knees kill me until my body acclimates to this change.

Anyway, this year I’ve had none of that. The only thing I can chalk that up to is the fact that the muscles around my knees are stronger from doing the Bar Method, which I’ve been doing at the Boulder location for quite some time now.

It’s a very simple, clear explanation to me considering I know that certain moves we do (essentially the entire demon thigh series as well as some of the hell we do seated on mats) really works to strengthen the muscles around the knees. How do I know that? One, I can feel this happening (dear God, can I feel it) and two, the instructors tell me so. They’re pretty good about telling us why they do these horrible things to us to give us motivation to persevere.

All I know is I’m psyched not to have this pain and psyched to have yet another reason to love The Bar Method.

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  1. Yes!!! Me too! My knee issues are more injury-related, but Bar makes them so much stronger and they feel better. Same with my lower back.

  2. It’s got to be because Bar is rooted in the Lotte Burke method, which was started as a way to help dancers heal in conjunction with help from a PT. Man, I love this stuff!


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