Patience Pays Off

patienceI’ve mentioned several times in the past year or so that it’s come to my attention that patience isn’t my strong suit. I’m working on it, I am. But it’s tough sometimes.

The other night I was at a party at a friends parent’s house. They live in eastern Ft. Collins and have this amazing view of the mountains. As the sun started to sink, I headed to the top of a hill to watch it set.

About 15 minutes into standing up there, I realized several things:

  1. The sunset wasn’t as imminent as I thought
  2. I should have brought a chair
  3. The likelihood of boredom was immense considering I was by myself

I almost called it quits a few times. “Eh, it’s just a sunset,” or, “I should be able to see it okay from a lower vantage point – one that includes my drink and a chair,” were thoughts that ran through my head. But I made myself stand there. I had a breathtaking view, the earlier rain shower and subsequent clouds promised quite a show, and it was peaceful. Plus, I need a little practice in the patience arena, clearly.

So I stood up there for close to an hour. And I was handsomely rewarded for my patience with one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen.





Others came to witness the end of the sunset, the moments after the sun had disappeared behind the mountains leaving the clouds ablaze. But I felt bummed for them because they had only caught part of the show.

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  1. A good lesson in patience and a good lesson on showing up and being present. (You’re smarter than you look…snicker..tee hee )


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