I vow not to…

{I first want to say that this isn’t a diatribe on my upbringing or my relationship with my mom. Just to be perfectly clear…}

Several years back I wrote this post and I still stand by it. What’s changed since I wrote that post over three years ago is that I’ve extended that attitude beyond just men in my life. You’ll be hard pressed to ever hear me disparage my body to anyone for two reasons:

  1. It does no good to dwell on crap like that.
  2. There’s very little I don’t like at this point. Truly. I’ve reached this great place where I’ve come to peace with what my body is and what it isn’t.

And I’m so glad to have that perspective after reading this article the other day.

I vow not to bad-mouth my body, or the bodies of anyone (especially women) to my kids (especially girls).

A blog post is as good as putting that in writing, right?

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  1. kbaymarine

     /  July 2, 2013

    I really liked the article and post. Spot on. I think the biggest thing for me, when I give a woman a compliment and they downplay it or say I’m crazy or I need to get my eyes checked, it diminishes the sincerity of the compliment. I would much rather a woman say thank you and have me feel validated for feeling the way I do about her. Great post Annie. Thank you.

    • Glad you liked it! Did you read the other blog post I link to at the beginning of this one? I make a very similar point that people need to learn how to take compliments. All it requires is a simple, “Thank you.” It’s something I remind people of in my life all the time!

  2. I remember you saying this to me over a lunch a long time ago, and it really influenced my own body image and how I talk/think about myself ever since. Thanks, woman!


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