You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.”
~ Abraham

That little gem was in my inbox this morning and pretty much took my breath away. Breath that returned with a heavy sigh of realization. The timing of this quote could not be more fortuitous.

I’ve put myself in so many situations, mostly relationships, where I expected the “ending,” or outcome, to be happy when the beginning and journey was anything but.

There’s someone in my life I need to let go of and I really don’t want to. But the ending I want isn’t going to happen considering the path that we’ve been on. Grr.

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  1. mkesling63

     /  July 3, 2013

    Great way to evaluate what is dead weight to dump.

  2. kbaymarine

     /  July 3, 2013

    Annie, you ever watch the movie Risky Business? Sometimes you just have to say WHAT THE FUCK. There is a common theme in a lot of your posts. Not finding a guy that wants kids. It consumes you. Annie, sometimes if not a lot of times, kids aren’t planned in relationships. Shit happens, and couples “Man Up” and take responsibility. I think it’s great that you want to find someone that wants kids so the moment of “guess what honey, I’m pregnant” is special. Most people our age either already have kids, or are settled in their ways and realized they don’t want kids. I’m not speaking for everyone. I am just going off my experience and what I have seen. Sometimes, people don’t know what is good for them until they are forced with the issue. I have guy friends that swore they would never have kids, until the oops moment came. They are great fathers and husbands. Let’s focus on what you do have. You’re very intelligent, beautiful and a great friend. I just peeled back one layer of the “Annie Onion”. You have so much going for you. Women would sell their souls to the Devil to have all the talents and qualities you possess. Don’t sweat it. It will all come together for you.

    • I understand the point you’re making and it’s a valid one. And thank you for all of the very nice compliments that make me feel seen. I really do appreciate them :) I guess one of the biggest take-aways from your comment is that I am too consumed with this. I know that it WILL happen when it’s supposed to and with whom it’s supposed to. I guess I just feel like I need to clear the roadblocks so I can let go a bit. I, too, know men who were “forced” to step-up to the plate and found that kids were exactly what they wanted. I just have a hard time engaging in a relationship (knowing what I want) with someone who is ADAMANT that they don’t want them. It doesn’t seem fair to them.


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