5 things I’m loving right now

lovehandA few extras this week as there was an abundance to love with family in town…

  1. Getting to spend time with some of my absolute favorite people this past weekend. Between my friends and my family, I’m such a lucky girl to have some truly stellar people in my life.
  2. Good gluten-free pizza.
  3. The fact that my little brother and I get along so well. When two people are so similar, it goes one of two ways – either you can’t stand each other or you get along like a house on fire. I’m glad it’s the latter for he and I.
  4. That my nephew Landon learned my name! Sometimes it’s a clear “Annie”. More often than not it’s “Anna” but I’ll take it!
  5. The face Landon makes when you ask, “Landon, can you show us ‘blue steel’?” It’s awesome!
  6. Cool rainy days where wearing a flannel shirt is appropriate in July. LOVE IT! I’m ready for fall, folks.
  7. Reminders that nothing should ever come before family unless it’s proven its worth. I feel silly that I needed that reminder, but grateful for it nonetheless.
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