July Kicked My Behind!

Man, this past month has been insane! I’m not sure I’ve ever had a busier month. When I look back at my calendar, it’s hard to imagine that I’ve fit the list below into 31 days:

  • Date numero uno
  • Fireworks with my sister and her kids
  • A Forth of July celebration in the mountains with a friend
  • A Rockies game and fireworks with my dad
  • The Jerrod Nieman concert in Greeley where I danced my butt off
  • Dinner at a friend’s house
  • Dinner out with some ladies
  • The Jamey Johnson concert
  • A trip to The Grizzly Rose
  • Dinner at Tortuga’s with a group of peeps
  • Date numero dos
  • A BBQ at an old high school friend’s house
  • A quick trip to Dillon with my sister and nephew that included a soak in some hot springs
  • Date numero tres
  • Dog sitting for a few nights
  • A visit from a friend for a long weekend that included several awesome meals out and a hike
  • Dinner in Lafayette with a friend
  • Taking in three movies
  • Watching my little brother and some friends play softball and being jealous I couldn’t join in
  • Another trip the The Grizzly Rose
  • A quick trip up to Vail with friends and family
  • Dinner with my family and my sister-in-laws family followed by another outing to The Grizzly Rose
  • A leisurely day with family
  • Lunch with my brother before he left town
  • Date numero quatro

And this is just the social calendar. Work was also insane as we were busy wrapping up a major project. It’s no wonder I feel like I’m dragging ass right now. I think this weekend might be relegated to sleeping.

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  1. Dan O'Connor

     /  July 31, 2013

    Hang in there Annie…sounds like you’ve earned a little down time.


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