Let’s just support each other, already!

A few months ago I read a post somewhere about group fitness that basically highlighted the author’s judgmental and snobby attitude towards her fellow students. The post was meant to be funny and sarcastic, but the overall tone was a bummer. (No, I’m not linking to it because I don’t want to promote this kind of rude behavior.)

A lot of people (women in particular, I’ll wager) tend to avoid group fitness because of this exact attitude and these kinds of people. We all judge ourselves enough so the thought of someone else doing it along with us is a difficult thing to get over and keeps a lot of people out of certain situations.

“I can’t possibly go to a workout where all the women are fit and cute in their little outfits. Once I loose another ten pounds and buy the expensive Lululemon pants, then I’ll go,” (or some similar thought) churns through most women’s minds when they consider trying a new class. The irony is that none of those fit women in their cute little outfits is wholly confident, either.

Or, better yet, “What if I mess up and everyone stares at me? Or what if the teacher calls me out and people take notice? I can’t bear it. Never mind. The shame isn’t worth it.”

So to read a blog post where this woman was, essentially, doing just those things was so sad to me. Why are women our own worst enemies? (Yeah, I know. That’s a whole other post.)

But, as I always try to do, I found the silver-lining…my Bar Method location.

We have every type of participant in my class that the rude blogger referred to and said mean things about and none of it matters. In my location, people are supportive of one and other. (And if they’re not, they’re kind enough to keep their traps shut and not let on.) No one is judging someone’s outfit or whether or not they’re messing something up because, quite frankly, we’re all working too damned hard! And if you have the time to pass these judgments, you’re NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH!

I avoided group fitness classes for years because I wanted to skirt the kind of judgment I’ve discussed in this post. It was easier to head to the gym, turn on my tunes, keep my head down, and just do my thing with little to no interaction with anyone else. And then something shifted and I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Low and behold, all of those things they tell you are beneficial in group fitness (accountability, support, camaraderie, friendship, etc.) helped me to reach a point my life where I’m more committed to my health and fitness than ever before. I know that if I play hooky, my buddies will realize it and call me out. I need and appreciate that. I also know I can turn to the women on the left or the right of me and mouth, “Is she kidding?” when we’re told it’s time for another set of plank after just having our abs crushed and they’ll roll their eyes with me in solidarity, which makes me feel less alone in the whole thing.

So, if group fitness freaks you out but you’re interested in giving it a shot, come join us. We take all types, sizes, and ages. Come in your $19 Target pants (like me) or your $100 Lululemons – it don’t matta! You’ll find we’re a supportive group who likes to work hard (and get our just desserts in results)  and get our asses kicked by some awesome, no-nonsense teachers who dish out tough love with a smile. You won’t regret it.

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  1. My Bar Method studio is exactly the same as yours. In fact we have a high percentage of “appreciate it” comments on postings that suggest other studios are different.


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