Random Ramblings

I was an athletic trainer for the football team my senior year in high school. I, unlike most girls, didn’t volunteer for this to be closer to the players. I volunteered because I wanted to become a Physical Therapist and had studied up on what I needed to do both curricularly and extracurricularly to get into grad school. And I started early. Not only did I volunteer with my high school team, but I volunteered at a local PT clinic to position myself in the best light possible to move forward. (Yes, I was an over-achiever. Therefore you can imagine my parent’s shock when I dropped out of college after my sophomore year to become a massage therapist. The horror.)

I went to a high school football game, my first in 18 years, the other night. The breeze was just right so that wafts of sweaty teenageness drifted our way now and then. Not surprisingly, the smell hasn’t changed and I was taken back to that teeny locker room where I taped many an ankle while the sweat and testosterone in the air made my eyes water. A locker room where guys would go an entire season without washing their undershirts, jocks, or socks – articles of clothing that would take on a life of their own both in smell and structure early in the season – for fear of messing up the mojo of the team.

What is it about guys that age? They stink!


I have this cricket outside my window that I need to off. He’s been out there for over a week now. He starts his shenanigans at 10:30 every night and wraps up at 6:00 in the morning. I could set my clock to his schedule.

I found his chirping quaint for the first few nights. You know, crickets are supposed to symbolize good luck, it’s an iconic sound of summer, blah, blah, blah. Then he started to keep me up at night. One night, after tossing and turning for over an hour, I got desperate and shut my window (a clear sign of how bad things were getting considering I don’t have AC). Actually, I slammed it after whispering loudly, “SHUT UP!” thinking that might snap him out of his chirping daze, which it did for about five minutes. I also put in earplugs. And despite the closed window and the earplugs, I could still hear him. He’s driving me nuts!

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