5 things I’m loving right now…

…in pictures!

1. This place. Beautiful. Cemeteries normally freak me out. But the neat, orderly rows and the uniform headstones make Ft. Logan National Cemetery in Colorado feel quiet, peaceful, and orderly. There’s something very powerful about knowing everyone there had a shared experience beyond living.


2. This woman, who is my mother (this photo is from before I was even born). Her amazing generosity stepped-in and saved the day when a trip my sister and I have been planning to my favorite place in the whole world in October was threatened. She’s pretty ah-mazing, that one.

0033 copy

3. This place. I haven’t been going dancing as much lately (the oddities of life and it’s curves have kept me busy in other ways). I missed it! (Also, I need to learn to frame photos better. Sheesh!)


4. Margaritas from this place. I drink them “up” like a martini so ice doesn’t water-down the flavor.


5. The warm, cozy glow in my little place.


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  1. Sean C.

     /  September 9, 2013

    Great shot of your mom on top of the Rock!


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