Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I do not understand people who run their AC 24/7 for months on end. Maybe I could understand it in sweltering places in the south, but this is Colorado where the nighttime temps dip into the 50s and 60s regularly. Open the windows! Get some fresh air! Stop annoying your neighbor whose bedroom window is feet from your noisy AC unit that rattles every time it starts up and shuts off (which happens every 10 minutes all night long), for crying out loud!
  2. My windshield wipers have three settings. First there’s too fast for a slight drizzle. Then there’s too slow for moderate rain, a setting that will have to do because option three is so fast that should you ever need to run the wipers at this setting, it would be advised to pull over and take cover in a ditch before houses start flying. And I HATE the sound wipers make when they squeak across a windshield because the setting is too fast for the amount of moisture on the glass. Therefore, I usually run the wipers manually – off and on by hand as the windshield needs it. Three settings!? Really? Poor engineering, Honda. Take a lesson from Jeep whose motors have about 13 settings. No joke. It’s awesome.
  3. I have an addiction to the show New Girl. I finished season one the other night by watching the last seven episodes in one sitting. I got to bed very late and was miserable the next day. While watching those episodes I realized that I have a huge crush on Dermot Mulroney (seriously, just put him on a stick), I think Schmidt is hilarious, and that I find laughing hysterically while I’m by myself to be a bit creepy and uncomfortable.
  4. I have a serious issue when it comes to peeling hard boiled eggs. I’ve figured out how to boil them to perfection, but then I massacre them when it comes to peeling. If you have a trick, I’ve probably tried it. It could just be another way in which I’m deficient at life.
  5. My nephew called me earlier this week to tell me that my niece had started walking. He “just wanted me to know.” We went on to have what I can only describe as our first, true adult conversation. You know, when kids move beyond “uh huh” on the phone and actually take charge of leading the conversation. It was pretty amusing. He’s good peeps, that kid.
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  1. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You may not know what it is (I didn’t know either before I was nominated!), so you can check out my link about it if you want. I’ll post it here. Thanks for being an awesome fellow blogger!

    • Holy moly! That is so cool! Thank you so much. I’m definitely feeling the love and will pay it forward, for sure. Thanks again, Melissa!


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