5 things I’m loving right now

  1. lovehandThat I sometimes think ahead. For example, I knew I had a meal I needed to make lest the ingredients spoil. And I knew I wouldn’t want to cook on Saturday night when I got home around 8. So I cooked it all up in the afternoon. It was so nice to have everything prepared when I got home!
  2. This song. I like this cover in particular. As an add on, I like that my church makes music like this. It’s pretty rockin’!
  3. Spending time with my dad. We went to the Rockies game yesterday and it’s always a pleasure to get some time alone with him.
  4. Time alone. Sometimes I schedule a bunch of stuff in a week and then I realize that I’m burnt out. I think this is a problem a lot of extroverts have. I’m glad I’m smart enough to schedule some down time to just recharge now and then.
  5. The cooler air. Fall is upon us and I’m glad for it!
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