Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I love Mike Rowe. LOVE. Even more after this. Really, that video is worth your time. Promise.
  2. To stem off of number one, I think the fact the blue collar jobs are looked down on is sad and is getting this country in a lot of trouble. Again, I give you Mike Rowe.
  3. Riffing off of one and two, I’ll take a man in work boots and a truck over a man in a suit and a Lexus any day of the week. Despite my white collar upbringing, I melt for blue collar men.
  4. I had braces for five years. FIIIIIIIVE years. I’ve talked about this before. So, because of the time, money, energy, irritation, etc. that’s gone into my mouth, I take very good care of my teeth. So good that my dental hygienist told me at my recent cleaning, “Why do you even bother to come in here? There’s nothing for me to do. You’re wasting my time.” See mom and dad, it was money well spent!
  5. I usually cuss like a sailor. I’m working on this – trying to become a reformed potty mouth. I know this will disappoint some of you (hi AMB) and will make others happy (hi mom – the person whom I blame my mouth on, ironically, because that’s easier than being accountable). I’ll keep you posted.
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