5 things I’m loving right now

lovehandI spent the weekend camping with some good friends and their family. It’s the first time I’ve camped in over two years, which is sheer madness, but things like fire bans, neck surgeries, etc. made camping hard. Anyway, three days up in Redstone Colorado was lovely and gave me tons to love!

  1. The fact that my new coat kept me totally warm despite the SNOW and chilly temps we encountered. In fact, I got up to answer the call of nature early one morning and was so in awe of my frosty surroundings that I decided to take a stroll. I was wearing  just my long underwear and that coat and was totally toasty.
  2.  Chilaquiles! What an amazing breakfast on a cold morning.
  3. Finding an amazing BBQ place in a tiny town called Marble. Seriously, if you ever find your self in Marble, CO stop at Slow Groovin’ BBQ and order the Hillbilly Nachos. To die for.
  4. Seeing the the iconic Crystal Mill up close and personal. So beautiful.
  5. The views. Honestly, this area has some of the best views in Colorado, without a doubt. Breathtaking.
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