Learning to Play

When I was about eight I came home from school with a sign up form for girls softball. I told my mom I wanted to play and she looked at me like I’d sprouted another head. “Are you sure?” she said. See, I’d never shown ANY interest in sports up to that point. But something in me knew that getting involved with softball would get me one-on-one time with my pops, who had coached my older siblings in baseball for years.

I remember the first time my dad took me out to throw the ball. What I remember most was his patience. And then the look on his face when the ball bounced off my own face. It smarted for sure, and so tears sprang up in my eyes like they’ll do in little people. He had this look on his face like, “Great. Guess we’re done with this. I knew she couldn’t hack it.” And then a look of, “Huh. Whaddya know? She’s tougher than I thought,” when I wiped the tears, picked up the ball, and threw it back.

I sucked that first year. SUCKED. So they, naturally, stuck in me in left field where no eight year old girl could hit the ball. I remember my mom calling me over after one inning. “Annie, honey, you’re not paying any attention – you’re just standing out there swatting at bugs,” she said. “Yup!” I replied as I ran off.

And then our catcher couldn’t make it to the tournament at the end of the season and they had no other choice but to have me suit up and get behind the plate. I came alive. That was my spot. I needed the intensity of being in on every pitch – every play. My mom told me later that my dad was a bit misty when he regaled her in the story of my softball awakening. My relationship with him was never the same. I became consumed with softball and he became my mentor and coach. It was awesome!

{This post is inspired by this post. Now it doesn’t seem so random, right?}

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