Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve had a cold this week. I’ve decided that being single and sick sucks. Seriously.
  2. I like alliteration.
  3. In a little over a week, I head up into the mountains to my happy place. (Aka “the hot springs that shall never be named lest my sister kick my butt, which she could totally do.” She’s scary when she’s mad. For reals.) I’m SO happy about this I might pop.
  4. My 37th birthday is tomorrow. I’m indifferent to this, in all honesty. What’s blowing my mind is how fast the past year has gone by. When I reflect back to my birthday last year, I thought/hoped I’d be in a much different place on my 37th birthday. There’s the rub, right?
  5. After two sick days at home, I got serious cabin fever, which is odd because, normally, I love an excuse to sit on the couch, read, and drink tea. Perhaps it’s the fact that I was blowing my nose every 2 minutes, or the fact that my days at home were forced and not a choice. All I know is, I’m glad to be outta there today!

P.s. This is my 700th post. What? So weird.

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