Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I say, “You know?” a lot. I need to cut that out! You know?
  2. On top of a horrifying addiction to gummy bears, I seem to also have an addiction to tortilla chips. I love them. They’re like crack. I’ve been known to make meals out of tortilla chips and guacamole.
  3. Lately, without even trying, I’ve been spending less time thinking too far in advance of something happening. For example, the old me would have planned out every detail of how I was going to prep for my recent hot springs trip – what I would pack, when I would grocery shop, when I would cook the meal I took with me, and so on. Instead I’ve been taking a more spontaneous approach to things and I find I’m a lot less stressed out.
  4. I had a very bizarre conversation with my little brother yesterday via text. I’m not going into detail as it’s likely most people would think we’re insane. Or disgusting. Likely both. There is no doubt that, that kid gets me in a way most others don’t. It’s an odd bond he and I have and I’m immensely grateful for it.
  5. I spent some time with my niece Farrah recently. She was so into me and I loved it! She’s a charmer, that one. But I’ll tell you this, she’s going to give her parents a run for their money!
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