F%^&*@ hard boiled eggs!

I’ve mentioned a few times that I suck at peeling hard boiled eggs. For my most recent batch, I tried several suggestions I was given. I used older eggs, added vinegar to the water, and peeled them under running water. NONE of that helped. It’s a personal problem, obviously. Apparently I’m a moron when it comes to peeling eggs. I guess it could be worse.

There I am peeling eggs this morning and it’s not going well. At one point I peeled an egg in half, plopping the yoke into the sink. Blerg. When I was done, I grabbed my sink sprayer to spray egg shells into a pile to throw in the trash. As I lifted it up I sprayed myself full force in the face. We’re talking a lot of water here, people.

So, there I stand, water dripping down my face and all over the front of me. I rushed into my bathroom for a towel to realize that my hair and makeup were now a mess – bangs soaked, mascara running down my face. And I was pissed. Until I started laughing. Because if I were witnessing this, I would have laughed my butt off. Seriously, in times like this I wish I lived with someone else just so they could benefit from my ridiculousness.

I pulled out the hair dryer and makeup for the second time to fix the water damage. Thankfully I wasn’t dressed yet, as it was one of those mornings where I stand in front of my closet thinking, “I wonder if my coworkers will notice if I wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt today?”

I think I need to be done with hard boiled eggs. It’s just not working out for me.

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  1. Piper

     /  October 22, 2013

    I realize that this might be a stupid comment, seeing as I doubt you frequent Costco…..but…..they have this amazing amount of hard boiled eggs that you can purchase for quite cheap. Just sayin (makes hard-boiled egg life so much easier)!

  2. Ma

     /  October 22, 2013

    Lord, child. YOU taught ME this (from working at North Boulder Market): drain the eggs, rattle them around in the pan real hard until the shells are cracked, fill it up with cold water, go fix your makeup. Then after about 10 minutes peel them using your THUMBS, rolling the shells off. Works like a charm.


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