Confession Thursday

  1. Confession The outpouring of support, camaraderie, and helpful suggestions with regard to peeling hard boiled eggs has been touching and overwhelming. (I may or may not be saying that sarcastically, but it’s likely.) But seriously, who knew such a strange topic would garner the feedback I’ve gotten on here, on Facebook, in the halls at work, at my workouts, and over the phone. You people are crazy and I love it! My sister and I had a very comical and long conversation about this very topic last night. The best part is that we both knew why it was comical because we get each other like that.
  2. I’m taking myself out of the dating game. I’m damned tired of it and need a break.
  3. I’m planning on heading to Virginia in the spring to visit my little brother, his wife, and their son in their new home. That brat better have his backyard fire pit in place by the time I show up because sitting around a fire with him is one of my most favorite places in the whole-wide world.
  4. I’ve already started buying Christmas gifts.
  5. I’m planning on doing a juice cleanse this weekend. I’m only telling you that for the sake of accountability.
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