10 things I found online

Oh, the internet. There are so many things to love about you and hate about you all at the same time.

Let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Here are some things I’ve been loving lately.

  1. The craziest OKCupid date ever. I trying more and more to let go, not sweat the details, and just go with the flow and I’m loving it. This “date” seems extreme, terrifying, and exhilarating.
  2. This video about re-framing what it means to be a man in our society. Crucial stuff, peeps.
  3. This recipe for chia seed pudding. I always thought chia seed pudding would make me gag – the consistency seemed like it would be gross. But this is pretty much like eating a healthier tapioca or rice pudding, which are both things I like.
  4. This online store. It’s totally legit and the prices are insane. My new favorite thing in the whole world (aka fleece-lined leggings) came from here. Ladies, do yourselves a favor – buy about 10 pairs.
  5. This info-graphic reminding us that what you buy is important as there’s nothing more powerful than voting with your hard-earned cash!
  6. This hilarious article on foods that shouldn’t exist. I don’t agree with her on all points, but she’s hilarious nonetheless.
  7. How social media and online networks are making us lonelier.
  8. This site that will send you, for FREE, five pairs of glasses to try on. Once you make your decision, you send them back, place an order (whereby you submit your prescription) and they send you glasses for $95. I’m totally doing this.
  9. This great article (and the articles linking off of it) about dating a real man.
  10. This amazing video on how we spend our lives. I’m SO glad I watch very little TV! Now, for other ways to reclaim the time I have left…
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