Wherein I wreck my mom’s favorite gift request

{I asked my mom what she wanted for Christmas a while back and was reminded of what used to be her standard answer…}

When my sister and I were little kids we’d do things like sneak out to my mom’s car, snag a couple of tapes (ah, tapes), wrap them up, and give them to her for gifts. “It’s the thought that counts” personified, no? The reason we did this is that her standard answer when we asked her what she wanted was, “A few kind words.” A beautiful sentiment that we didn’t quite grasp at the time. So we went with what was more tangible.

Then, one year, for mother’s day or something like that, I tried to put something tangible to “a few kind words” by peeling the label off an old bouillon jar, filling it with rose petals, and affixing a new label that read, “A few kind words” to the top.

My mom was perfectly lovely about the gift – touched, I’m sure, by my literal child brain, despite the fact that I’d just stolen her catch-phrase gift request as she has never asked for “a few kind words” again. She still has the jar, though.

I’ll be honest, I regret making that jar. Not because her catch-phrase got me off the hook when it came to presents, but because I ruined the sentimentality of it. I really did consider each petal inside the jar as a representation of “a few kind words.” So, maybe I wasn’t totally off the mark?

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  1. Nice Annie. I hope I get to meet your mom & dad sometime…

  2. Ma

     /  December 3, 2013

    I wasn’t touched. I was blown away. I love it then. I love it now. Glowworm!


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