Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I spent a bunch of time by myself this past holiday weekend and I really enjoyed it. I think it’s really important to be content and happy alone in one’s own presence. I’ve been able to achieve that in short bursts in the past, but then I start to feel lonely and bored. I’ve finally come to peace with being alone. It’s a big lesson for me.
  2. I love, love, love when people who really want to have kids, but are having a hard time doing so, finally have things go in their favor. The world needs more people who want to parent doing just that.
  3. I’m in such a good mood lately and have so much energy that I almost feel invincible. It’s pretty awesome!
  4. I don’t like apple skins at all. I end up chewing the apple flesh off of the skin and ditching it.
  5. I’m going to be house sitting for a bit and I’m super psyched for season three of Homeland on the DVR, a fireplace, and a big bathtub. Maybe I’ll change the locks while they’re away and just claim squatters rights…
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  1. I’m happy you’re happy :) Oh and Season 3 of Homeland is AWESOME!!!


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