24 Day Challenge Wrap-up

{Parts of this post are WAY outside my comfort zone. I’m going to hyperventilate as I push “publish”, I just know it.}

So, Sunday was my “last” day on the 24 Day Challenge. I put last in quotation marks because I have no intention of stopping. See, the final 14 days of the challenge are so doable and maintainable that I’m just going to keep on trucking. I mean, I feel awesome, so why do anything else? And that’s why this isn’t a fad diet – it’s all about resetting patterns and habits and making the switch to a healthier lifestyle, which I love!

I will follow more of an 80/20 lifestyle (good 80% of the time, more indulgent 20% of the time) so I can throw some nachos and margaritas in the mix every now and then because, well, those things rock.

Here are the stats: 7.6 pounds and 15.25 inches gone in a little over three weeks. I really could care less about the stats, honestly. I put them in there because people want to know. My increased energy, great mood, and sense of health and well-being are way more important to me.

Here are some really valuable things I learned over the past 24 days:

  • I often snack while I cook thereby, essentially, eating a meal while preparing a meal.
  • A quick sip or bite of something here and there quickly turns into consuming food you don’t even realize you’re consuming.
  • When I’m eating clean, healthy food and avoiding things I know I’m intolerant of (wheat, dairy, soy, etc.) I don’t sneeze at all as opposed to being sneezy and drippy (so hot) all day long.
  • I’ve known for a while that I eat out of boredom. How often became really apparent to me during this Challenge.
  • Moderation isn’t my strong suit. “Oh, one little bite!” of something I know I shouldn’t eat quickly becomes many, many, many bites of something I know I shouldn’t eat. It’s best just for me to be more intentional than that.
  • I usually don’t cook much for myself, but I’ve had no choice but to do so during this Challenge. I’ve really enjoyed it!

And now I’m going to do something that scares the crap out of me. (I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this):







And it’s just going to keep getting better!

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  1. kbaymarine

     /  December 27, 2013

    Annie, you nailed it. It’s not easy huh. I am so like you. I never can just do one bite. I will allow myself one day a week, sometimes two to eat whatever I want throughout the entire day. In the end, I am still in a calorie deficit at the end the week. Anyway, you know what you’re doing, that is apparent. Great job! You look ummmmm well, wait your Mom reads this site. You look absolutely amazing!!! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks :) Yeah, I’m going to try to limit myself to three cheat meals a week and spread them out some and see how that goes. What I learned over Christmas is that if I don’t eat cleanly for several meals in a row, I feel like crap! (Tired, bloated, etc.) So maybe it’ll be better to spread it out.

      • kbaymarine

         /  December 27, 2013

        I totally feel like crap when I eat like crap. But for that single moment when I put 7 Sonic Chicago Dogs in a head lock….omg sooo good!

      • 7? SEVEN!? Good lord, man! I don’t think I could watch that happen – too terrifying! I’d be lucky to get one down. Sheesh. Yeah, between too much Grand Marnier on Christmas Eve and eating a few too many treats, I was in bed by 8:30 Christmas day. I felt like a bag of smashed grapes.

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