5 things I’m loving right now

  1. lovehandLaughing so hard you can’t breathe. I had the occasion to do that a few times in a row recently and it’s one of my most favorite feelings.
  2. My new cozy throw blanket and bamboo sheets from my parents. As if my bed couldn’t get any better! (I find it totally hilarious that my dad decided my sister and I needed the same throw blankets he and my mom have. He usually doesn’t weigh-in on gifts, so it’s just so amusing when he does.)
  3. Dancing. It’s possible nothing makes me happier. I NEVER thought I would say that.
  4. Red Stag cinnamon whiskey. Less sweet than Fireball and very yummy!
  5. This quote, which feels so true to me right now:
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  1. I’m with you on everything but the whiskey. You can keep that. And this may be one of the trues quotes I’ve ever seen!


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