2013 in Summation

I can’t believe 2013 is over and 2014 is here. The other day someone said that when people refer to 10 years ago, they think of 1995, not 2003. I totally agree with them. So surreal.

2013 was a helluva year – so much good, and some not so good. Here are’s the run-down:


  • Started the year with a nasty cold and moonshine with my sister, brother and good peeps
  • Annual January 1st soup and margarita night with good friends
  • Ended a relationship that wasn’t working
  • Started taking dance lessons
  • An old friend came to visit for the weekend


  • My niece giggled at me for the first time while I zerberted her belly
  • Went to the Hot Sulfur Springs
  • Spent many a night at Happy Hour
  • Went to several basketball games on campus
  • Met the man my friends would refer to as “Mr. Typewriter” and started down a path I knew would hurt


  • Took my nephew to a WWE event and blew his mind
  • Realized watching NASCAR can be amusing
  • Spent time with my sister-in-law and nephew during their trip home
  • Spent an inordinate amount of time with Mr. Typewriter


  • Ended things with Mr. Typewriter
  • Started online dating (blerg)
  • Continued dance lessons
  • Broke a cardinal rule of online dating and went WAY out of my way to meet a guy only to have him open the door and feel utter disappointment


  • Back with Mr. Typewriter (not shocked, are you?)
  • Started going to church (shocked, aren’t you?)
  • Zac Brown concert
  • Went to a Miranda Lambert concert
  • Went to several awesome BBQs




  • Seeing Mr. Typewriter again (not learning my lesson…)
  • Concert at the Gold Hill Inn
  • A great hike with a dear friend
  • Went to the re-opening party for my old elementary school
  • Went to a friend’s mom’s funeral
  • Went to a high school football game for the first time in a long time


  • Went to many awesome BBQs
  • Started volunteering at church (I work with two year olds a few times a month)
  • Dealt with near flooding at my house during the crazy rains
  • Really, really, really ended things with Mr. Typewriter
  • Took my dad to our annual Rockies game
  • Still dancing my butt off every chance I get
  • Went camping in Redstone, CO


  • Celebrated my birthday
  • Went to my favorite hot springs
  • Purposely spent a lot of time by myself as an alternative to spending time with the wrong people just to distract myself from myself
  • Went trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew


  • Attended the memorial service for an old boss of mine who died way too young
  • Went reggae dancing with my sister and her manfriend
  • Went to a great concert to watch a friend’s band
  • Spent the weekend watching my niece
  • Had a great Thanksgiving with my family
  • Started the 24 Day Challenge


  • Dancing as much as possible
  • Stayed at my parent’s house with their pooch while they were out of town
  • Went to a few fun holiday parties
  • Finished the 24 Day Challenge with a renewed sense of health and well-being
  • Spent Christmas with my family

Here’s to 2014! I hope it’s a good one for all of us!

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