So, on top of doing the 24 Day Challenge (and continuing to use various products ever since) I also started using the Reverse Regimen from Rodan + Fields in the past month.

Rodan + Fields are the two dermatologists who came up with Proactive many years ago. They decided to come up with an extended line for various skin types and needs.

Through an old high school friend of mine, I purchased the Redefine Regimen in hopes of getting rid of some dark spots on my cheeks. As I’ve said before, I’ve taken really good care of my skin ever since I was a kid and diagnosed with vitiligo. Regardless, I’ve been battling some dark spots on my cheeks for years!

I’ve only been using the regimen for a month and I’m already noticing amazing results! My skin tone is more even and my face is so soft. And those dark spots are so much lighter that I hardly consider them an issue anymore!

My plan is to use this particular regimen for a few more months and then start using the Redefine Regimen to keep wrinkles (of which I’m very lucky to have few of at this point) at bay. Never hurts to get a jump on the scenario.

If you’re interested in learning more about the products, Jennifer is a great person to contact. Her site is here and if you’d like to contact her directly you can do so at or 310-709-7138. Tell her I sent you!

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