Confession Thursday

  1. Confession One of the best things I learned while getting my journalism degree was how to drop extraneous words from sentences. Usually, words like “just” and “that” are unnecessary. Despite knowing this and believing it wholeheartedly, I end up editing out “just” and “that” several times in every blog post I write. Old habits, I guess.
  2. The reason I love dancing is this: when I’m dancing, I’m not thinking about anything else. I’m completely and totally present in that moment. Nothing else matters. I get such a buzz from that.
  3. My mom got an older generation iPad recently. Her excitement about it cracks me up. Maybe I can get her texting one of these days, which would surely bring lots of amusement.
  4. My 16 month old niece called me the other day. By accident, of course. We proceeded to have a 10 minute “conversation” whereby she jabbered at me and I responded, “Really? Oh that’s fascinating! You don’t say? Tell me more.” It was awesome.
  5. I’m not joking, I’m in such a good mood lately I might need help. I was sick as a dog earlier this week (I’m just now starting to feel human again instead like a bag of smashed grapes) and despite all of that, my mood has been great.
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