Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I hate when any part of my bra shows. (However, I am okay with a strap showing here or there depending on circumstance or setting.) Most of the time it seems tacky to me. And I hate wearing a strapless bra. They’re so uncomfortable. Therefore, there are a lot of clothes that are no-go’s for me.
  2. You know how sometimes you hear a person express what they’re looking for in life and you just want to scream, “It’s right there in front of you,”? Man, that annoys the hell outta me.
  3. I’m not sure if confession number two is grammatically correct…
  4. I got the pleasure of kicking it with my mom yesterday. I have so much fun chatting and goofing off with her.
  5. I’ve recently become very aware of just how little control I have in certain areas of my life – that there’s something bigger at the helm. I’m getting more and more comfortable with that notion, but it’s a toughy.
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  1. Ma

     /  January 16, 2014

    But not so much my singing?


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