People in my life – Mallory

Mallory is my little sister. She is one of my best friends. She exemplifies one of the hardest fought relationships in my life.

Me at two and a half, Mallory at 6 months or so.

Mallory and I were built-in buddies simply because of our closeness in age. But we were very contrary to each other growing up. Make no mistake, we always had each others backs (her more than me as she’s always been a stronger, more fierce person than I am) and we always comforted each other. I remember times in high school when we could barely form a civil sentence towards each other but the minute one of us was sick or sad, we’d cuddle up together and just be there – silently.

We spent a month traveling together in Belize in our early twenties and damn near killed each other by the end of it. Nevertheless, that month with her and the memories we made are some of my most cherished. At that time in our lives, Mallory and I experienced extremes in our relationship all the time – extreme anger and irritation, extreme laughter and joy, there was little in between. Now it’s almost always laughter and joy with a little irritation thrown in now and again just to keep things in check. I mean, no relationship is perfect!

When my sister was close to having her son she asked me if I would be there at her home birth. I was absolutely shocked that she asked me and not one of her close female friends. More than shocked, I was honored. Being there at that birth changed our entire relationship. And it changed her, as motherhood is wont to do.

Since Ayuba’s birth,  my sister has become one of my best friends and one of the people in my life I cherish the most. We’ve seen each other through some very difficult things over the course of our 2012lives. The foundation of our relationship was laid the moment she was born, but it’s just becoming more and more solid.

I have this reoccurring dream where I’m an old lady. I’m talking ancient. And I’m sitting on a porch surveying what’s in front of me. Sometimes it’s a beach, sometimes the mountains, sometimes it’s hazy and I can’t make out the scene. But the constant is Mallory next to me – the woman who knows me in a way so many can’t ever and there’s a sense of peace in those dreams. At that point in our lives, no one will have known me longer. No one else will have been there through it all. I am so incredibly fortunate to have a person like that in my life.

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