Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve been staying at my parent’s since I broke my wrist. My mom has pretty much been at my beck and call. She doesn’t find my referring to her as my minion as amusing as I do.
  2. To the next person who quips, “Well, I guess you’ll get really good with your left hand,” you better duck as I’ll be happy to test that theory with a left-handed haymaker.
  3. I would rather have broken something on a lower extremity. Because of how I’m splinted (a cast will come today), my whole arm is out of commission. It’s no bueno.
  4. All my dad watches is the news or sports. It’s mind-numbing.
  5. Physical pain hardly ever makes me cry. The frustration, limitations, and annoyances that come with pain are what do me in.
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