Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve been dealing with a lot of immature, inconsiderate crap from adults lately and it’s wearing me out. One hopes that people become more emotionally intelligent as they age, but it’s, oddly, not a given.
  2. I stayed with my parent’s for two weeks after I broke my wrist. I figured there would come a point when I would lose my mind. I mean, we all love our families, right? But two weeks is a long time! Instead, I enjoyed it. I credit Spark, which puts me in such a great mood, and perspective. I mean, why not relish in time spent with your loved ones instead of bucking against it? Time is precious.
  3. I’d give a lesser digit to be able to transport myself to my favorite hot springs when ever I wanted to soak, which is pretty much daily. Come on, someone, figure out teleportation already!
  4. Regarding number three, there will come a day when I have a vacation home near my favorite hot springs. Mark my words, people.
  5. Lately all I’ve wanted to do is stay in my pajamas. It’s not a laziness thing, it’s a comfort thing.
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