5 things I’m loving right now

  1. lovehandThree day weekends! We always get the last day off Spring Break off from work. I love that perk!
  2. Being whistled at, quite literally, by a guy on a motorcycle. I know some women find this offensive, but considering I was wearing a baseball hat, a fleece, and yoga pants (nothing I would consider whistle worthy), I’ll take it!
  3. Spending a ton of time with my sister and her family this weekend. My niece is just so much fun right now and she’s got such a sweet personality. Unless she’s pissed and then she’s a tyrant! But I love that about her.
  4. Ladies Art Night! My sister and her friends used to get together on almost a weekly basis and get all crafty together, drink wine, and chat. They’re less consistent these days but it sure is fun when it happens!
  5. Productive Sundays full of family time, me time, errands, great conversations, good food, etc. Basically, Sundays where you manage to fit it all in and not feel rushed.
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