Confession Thursday

  1. Confession While visiting The Holocaust Museum in DC, I realized that when I’m emotional about something, I place my hand (generally my left hand) over the middle of my chest.
  2. Speaking of hands over hearts, while watching a wreath ceremony at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery I was dismayed by how many people did not remove their hats and place them over their hearts while Taps was being played on a bugle. So disrespectful.
  3. I’m headed into another big neck procedure today. The last time I did this it was a quick snowball into a very difficult time in my life (a break-up, a big move, etc.). I’m hoping that being in a better place in life mentally, and emotionally will work in my favor.
  4. I didn’t fall off the wagon entirely during my vacation, but I certainly didn’t eat great, was terrible about drinking water, and didn’t exercise. And it showed. But, after being back on track for a few days, all of that damage is gone. Just another reason why I love AdvoCare!
  5. Lately I’ve been really stretching myself outside of my comfort zone in so many ways. I’m glad I’m going this and glad for the lessons it’s teaching me. But it ain’t easy some times!
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