Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I think our most valuable commodity in life is time – above money, possessions, etc. When someone wastes or squanders my time, it really pisses me off. And I try my best to be respectful of other people’s time as well. That’s how it works.
  2. I recently had a very flattering thing happened. I was out dancing and stopped to chat with a group of guys who clearly had never been to The Rose before. I had been chatting with one of them for a bit when one of the other guys looked up from his phone and said, “Whoa. You’re cute!” with his mouth dropping open. Totally made my day as it was such a raw, natural reaction. (Man, that confession sounds like a huge brag. Sorry about that!)
  3. I think telling someone you’re proud of them can be very powerful, but I worry that it can come off as patronizing.
  4. I use the word groovy a lot. Recently, my phone autocorrected that to gravy. I think it’s time to evolve and go with gravy for a while. Thanks, phone!
  5. I have a hard time knowing what size of clothing to order at the moment because I can’t wrap my mind around my new measurements. They don’t seem real or something.
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