5 things I’m loving right now

Love-FireApparently the love hand image I’ve been using for these post for, oh, forever is not my friend anymore. So here’s a new one! Darned internets.

  1. Long phone conversations with people. No one does that anymore! It’s kind of like being in high school again, or something.
  2. The ways in which my new endeavor with AdvoCare is helping me connect with people I’ve not talked to in a long time. Last week I chatted with two ladies I’ve known since I was a tiny kid. Pretty awesome!
  3. Finishing an art project amongst some fun ladies and good conversation. It’s fun to be artistic and get your hands dirty from time to time.
  4. How affectionate my niece Farrah is. She just loves to hug and kiss and cuddle. My favorite is when she pats your back with her tiny hands as she hugs you. My family is back patters for sure, and she’s picked up on that quickly.
  5. A Sunday morning where a lot was accomplished from the coziness of my bed!
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