Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Sometimes I eat butter straight up. Just break off a hunk and pop it in my mouth. I do this on days when I know I’ve not ingested enough healthy fats. Yes, butter (when it comes from a good, clean source) is a healthy fat. Shocker, I know.
  2. I’ve been spending the evenings when I don’t have plans, which are rare, out in the yard reading with my feet in the grass. It’s an amazing way to decompress.
  3. I swapped dating stories with a few people recently. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one dealing with morons on a regular basis! Solidarity, folks.
  4. I don’t like getting my face wet. Yes, I wash it daily. Twice a day in fact. But this is a main reason why I don’t like swimming. Couple getting my face wet with the drying feeling of chlorine on my skin…(shudder)
  5. My niece says “deet do!” (meaning “thank you!”) to pretty much anything you do for her. It totally makes my day. And makes me want to do pretty much anything she wants. Smart girl!
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