Can’t Win for Losing!

So, today I got this call from some guy in a call center in India whom I’m having a really hard time understanding.

Apparently I entered a contest last year to win a vacation (not) and he’s “shocked” that I don’t remember entering.

As he goes on and on about what I’ve won, all I can think is, “What a scam. How the hell can I get off the phone and out of this conversation?”

Then he tells me that I need to pick between two vacation packages and that both vacation packages are for a couple. This is how that transpires:

Him: “So, you are married, yes? You have someone to go with you?”

Me:  “Nope. I’m single.”

Him: “You’re single!? You have no partner to take with you?”

Me: “Nope.” (Of course, if this were a valid offer, I’d find someone to take, but I can see my  opportunity…)

Him: “Well, that’s very unfortunate. This is only for couples.”

Me: “Well, I guess I’m out then.”

Him: “Yes, so sad for you.”

Ouch and sayonara all in one emotion! My singledom just got judged by a total stranger trying to scam me, but also got me out of said scam with little-to-no effort. Ah, life!

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