Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Between my office and my apartment, I have 20 plants. That’s a lot of plants considering we’re talking about a collective 600 square feet (and that might be generous) for those suckers to inhabit. I love having all that green around me!
  2. I really suck at making pancakes. I mean really. They usually taste good, but they ain’t pretty!
  3. I love that my nephew is at an age where we have real conversations on the phone. Like this one:
    Me: Happy birthday, buddy! Did you know that being there for your birth had a huge impact on my life?
    Ayuba: It did!? How?
    And then a huge conversation followed with him fully engaged and asking questions. It was great.
  4. I love cherries. LOVE! But I only really like them fresh so I’m not a huge fan of cherry pie, cherry-flavored things, etc.
  5. I have recently been reminded that I have a big competitive streak when it comes to sports. It’s been such a long time since that side of me had an outlet that I’d forgotten about it!
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