5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireAn impromptu dinner with my parents and a good friend on Friday night. Spontaneity is a great thing sometimes!
  2. Dancing and the fact that it’s almost effortless at this point. Dancing is just one of those amazing things a person can do where they’re totally in the moment with nothing else pressing in.
  3. Cool, rainy summer days. The fact that the weather was so severe for some people is no good, but the mild rain at my place was appreciated.
  4. Getting lots of time to myself this weekend. It’s nice to just recharge and be alone sometimes.
  5. Prepping lots of good food for the week. I’m doing another 24 Day Challenge and I’m psyched about it!

P.s. this is my 800th post. Whoa!

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  1. Did you start your 24 Day Challenge yet? Looking forward to your posts :)

    • I did! I’ve done one in the past. If you click on AdvoCare in the tag cloud, you can read all about it :) Have you done one before?

      • I’m on day 21 of my first challenge and loving it…hard to believe 21 days could make such a difference!

      • I know, right? Good work! I highly recommend that you continue to rock the Max Phase (with allowing some cheats here and there for sanity) to see continued to benefits :) This program can be life changing for those who really commit to it, no doubt!

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