Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Lately I stop and realize I’m not really breathing. I mean, I’m breathing enough to sustain life! But not big, or even normal sized, cleansing, good breaths. I think I’m just a scosh stressed at the moment!
  2. I don’t sweat much. Recently, I’ll finish a workout and look around and there are people dripping, I mean DRIPPING, sweat. I feel as though they look over at me and think, “Hey, what’s up with you? You’ve barely got a sheen to you. Did you do anything at all?” One guy’s shins were sweating the other day. I don’t think my shins have ever produced a drop of sweat in my whole life.
  3. I have some extremely amusing people in my life – a whole slew of them. Their wit, sarcasm, intelligence, and ability to make me giggle makes me so darned happy.
  4. I recently had my bank automatically change my savings account to a checking account based on the number of transfers I made in one month. Apparently making this switch for me is a federal regulation. This pisses me off. Does our federal government have nothing better to do than worry about my savings account? If not, I’ve got some ideas for topics they might need to pay attention to.
  5. I think shoe return polices stink. I bought a pair of shoes recently that seemed comfy in the store, but became the bane of my existence within 10 minutes of wearing them for the first time. Now I’m stuck with them. Grr.
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