Confession Thursday

  1. Confession When I microwave food at work, I rarely let the entire time run out. I get too impatient and pull things out quicker than I should. Often this results in cold spots in my food. Patient much?
  2. I’ve got a few camping trips on the books and I’m PSYCHED!
  3. I often think of what I imagine are good confessions, fail to write them down, and then sit here staring at my screen for an inordinately long time thinking, “What the hell was I going to say again?”
  4. Dancing has become close to effortless for me at this point. My favorite partner and I almost move as one unit and I find it easy to follow the really good leads who throw all sorts of crazy things at their partners. I never thought I’d be one of the people others would walk up to and say, “It’s so fun to watch you dance! You’re really good.” It’s incredible flattering and so appreciated. I’m so glad I decided to start doing this.
  5. I really appreciate detail-oriented people who take the time to think things through and really commit to things.
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