Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Last week I went to the trouble to do my hair once. Every other day, I just dried it a bit and put it up. It’s felt like too much effort to dry it, curl it, etc. The one day that I did go to all that trouble, an hour later I was standing in a windy rain storm, so up it went anyway. Waste of time, peeps!
  2. I think texting is, ultimately, a disservice to society. Now, I have one friend – he and I could solve world hunger via text. But that’s not the norm. More than anything, texting leads to miscommunications and a general lack of connectivity with my loved ones. Although, sometimes the miscommunications are pretty amusing!
  3. I’ve made myself incredibly vulnerable to several people in the past few weeks. Some of them virtual strangers. It’s scary as hell, but extremely freeing and powerful.
  4. I had someone tell me the other day that he can’t seem to figure out my politics – that they’re all over the place. Good! I like it that way. Each issue is so distinct that one global ideology isn’t wise, in my opinion.
  5. Occasionally I’ll have phone conversations with my little brother where we don’t swap insults or make fun of each other. Instead, we just chat like normal, mature adults who are listening and respecting each other. It kinda throws me off.
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