Confession Thursday

The 4th of July edition.

  1. Confession Dating a veteran with PTSD last year changed my view on fireworks. I still enjoy watching them, but now I understand why a lot of vets don’t. Each launch sounds like a mortar round being fired off and each eruption of beauty like, well, you know. I mean, they’re supposed to symbolize bombs bursting in air and for some, that just hits too close to home. When you think about it that way, fireworks are kind of weird, really.
  2. I remember the year I chose to go to the fireworks with my friends instead of my family. While I was excited to be with my friends, that feeling was overshadowed by the sadness I felt realizing that, that one action was just another example of me getting older and moving more and more away from my parents. My mom assured me it was okay and that they understood, but I was bummed nevertheless. Such a sap.
  3. One year, some friends and I laid on the grass outside of Folsom Stadium for the fireworks. We were a little too close to the end-zone where they shoot them off and I got a hot piece of debris in my eye. Man, that hurt!
  4. I’m afraid of sparklers. I’m afraid they’re going to catch my clothes or hair or something on fire. Think I’m a weirdo? My little brother lit a tree in our yard on fire with a sparkler once and that just proved my point. Although, I’m pretty sure he stood there, holding it in one place, with the intent to start a fire. Pyro, that one.
  5. The most amazing fireworks I ever saw was during a drive home from a camping trip several years ago. The ex-manfriend and I had been rained out (eight straight hours after little storm on top of little storm for days finally did us in). As we were driving back on little rural roads, we drove past fireworks display after fireworks display. It wasn’t so much that the fireworks were all that impressive – it was the fact that so many people were having a shared, collective experience for mile after mile after mile. The roads were empty, the sky was full of light – it was awesome.
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