5 things I’m loving right now

In pictures!

What an amazing, long weekend! I took an extra day and loved every second of having four days off. There was so, so, so much to love and just not enough time to photograph it all! Plus, I was too busy trying to be in the moment…

1. IMG_20140703_202018Summer evenings spent outside with some of my favorite people in the whole world. Really, is there anything better than warm summer evenings spent in good company?

2. IMG_20140704_161634This meal up at the 4th of July bash at The Gold Hill Inn. This post-Challenge cheat meal was worth every bite. It was a lovely afternoon with some great girlfriends!

3. IMG_20140704_162934Naps. I spent an inordinate amount of time in bed on Friday afternoon before watching fireworks up the street with my dear friends and neighbors, who have a great view from their place. It’s possible I love nothing more than that sweet spot between awake and totally asleep where you’re just dozing – completely peaceful, no cares or worries – just bliss. My mom calls my Friday afternoon behavior “wallowing”.

4. IMG_20140706_015151This thoughtful treat from my parents. We call such things “sussies” in my family. It’s when you give a loved one a present for no particular reason other than you’re thinking of them or see something you know they’ll like. My mom is the sussie master. This taffy has been a presence in my life since I was a little girl – my youth wrapped up in cellophane and placed in a box.

5. IMG_20140706_163956Wearing shorts for the first time in 11 years. The last time I wore them was while visiting my little brother when he graduated from Basic training. It was one of the Carolinas (?) in August and clothing felt like heavy wet blankets, so shorts were a must. It’s only been recently (and thanks to The Bar Method, AdvoCare, and CrossFit) that shorts feel like an okay option.

6. IMG_20140706_105815One more for good measure – spending Sunday morning at Union Reservoir soaking up some sun and swimming in the cold water.

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