Getting it from all sides

My younger siblings have a knack for driving me insane. It’s always been this way. It’s a favorite past-time of theirs. It’s our dynamic. Logan is especially good at this, but Mallory can definitely hold her own. Case and point:

(This conversation happened via text. My sister is trying to convince me to leave work early for a camping trip, which I don’t really want to do):

Mallory: Leave work early, dude

Me: I might be able to leave a bit early, but not super early

Mallory: Leave at 2:00

Me: It would be more like 4:00, little mama

Mallory: No. Tell them you’re sick.

Me: They know I’m planning on camping – it’s too obvious.

Mallory: Call-in in the a.m.

Mallory: Do it

Me: Argh! Mallory! I’ll see what I can do about leaving early, but not the whole day!

Mallory: Do it

Mallory: Do it

Me: Oh. My. God.

Mallory: Do it

Me: Lol

Me: We’re all bringing wood, right?

Mallory: Yup

Me: I hope we get a close spot

Mallory: Chill out mama bear…leave early. Do it

Me: Me leaving early will have no bearing on the spot we get

Mallory: It will effect the level of stress of your drive. Do it

Me: Stop. I’ll do my best!

Mallory: Do it…sorry. Logan’s possessed me.

Me: Apparently.

Have a lovely weekend, peeps!

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  1. Ma

     /  July 19, 2014

    You don’t stand a chance with those two!


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