5 things I’m living right now

  1. Love-FireA weekend away in the woods! It was SO much cooler up there than down here and I was glad to escape the heat and spend some time out in nature.
  2. Having my niece Farrah as my shadow for most of the weekend. She’s a sweet little person and I just adore her. She’s at that great age where she’s starting to really interact and communicate. It’s so great!
  3. Jamaican jerk chicken cooked over the campfire. My sister really goes all out on the camp cooking and I really appreciate that.
  4. Mosquitos. Gosh, I just love those little suckers. They’re so cute and pleasant to be around. (Okay, I’m lying. But I’m hoping to employ the powers of reverse psychology in hopes they leave me alone next time. I got CHEWED out there, people.)
  5. The sound of water rushing by all weekend long. Yes, that meant more mosquitoes, but I’ll chose camping near water any day over not.

* After I posted this, a friend pointed out my typo in the title! I’m leaving it.

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